Latest Trends in Curtain Fashion – Custom Designed Curtains and Drapes

Tow Layers Curtain With Rails

Custom-made curtains and drapes are becoming ever more popular now that people are realising that they are a lot more affordable than they thought. Custom-designed curtains also have more advantages than you think.

There are many advantages and reasons to choose custom-made curtains so let’s take a look at some of the main ones.

Bespoke Style

Whether you have just designed and decorated a room or in the process of doing so, you want everything to be exactly as you imagined it. Whilst you can just settle for readymade curtains, they almost certainly won’t fit the unique style you have created in the room you are decorating.

aving custom curtains means you can choose the cloth, pattern, length, lining and the hanging style or pleat. All these things will have a great impact on how they fit into your room, options you simply won’t get with off-the-shelf curtains.

More Affordable Than You Think

All our curtains are made in South Australia, which not only supports local businesses but also helps to reduce emissions, and guaranteed quality means a more affordable option for you, the customer.

When most consider the benefits of having custom-made curtains against the surprisingly small difference in price to readymade options, it’s no wonder a lot of people will choose custom-designed curtains.

More Choice

The amount of options available with custom curtains is obviously much higher than standard shop-bought versions. You have more choice not only in the start point which is the fabric design, but also the way it hangs and the exact size. This range of increased options enables you maximum flexibility to change the look and feel to better match your desired finish. Once you have spoken to one of our team, you’ll realise the full potential of how you can achieve the perfect look in your home.

Benefits of Custom-Made Curtains

  • More bespoke style
  • More affordable than you think
  • More choices of fabric, colour and pattern
  • Better fit and functionality
  • More impact on the style of your room

Custom-Made or Custom-Designed?

Technically there is a difference between “designed” and “made”, the difference being you are already starting with a “design” for the material itself. We have a great selection of fabrics and patterns as your start point.

True custom-designed curtains mean the fabric and the pattern were designed just for you which is an option not many can afford but the term custom-designed generally means the same thing to most people once you factor in all the other options. We allow you to choose the texture, colour, pattern, lining and light-blocking properties before other design elements come into play like pleating and size etc.


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