Enjoy Smarter Living with Automate Shades

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Indoor and Outdoor Motorised Shade Solutions for Comfort and Control

Automate is the next level of smart home shading technology. Each shade has been designed to be effortlessly operated wherever you are in your home. No longer do you have to manually pull shades up or down, your Automate shade is controlled with either your voice or a remote control.

Automate shades run on smart motors containing the latest hi-tech technology. If you currently have a chain mechanism, you can easily upgrade to motorisation by having the latest Zero Li-ion motors retro fitted onto your existing shades. Safe, elegant and smart, Automate shades are the best choice for any modern home.

What Are the Benefits of Automate Shades?

Automate shades do more than just block light, they provide warmth, comfort and a stunning stylish aesthetic to your home. With new technology being invented all the time, once cumbersome processes are being made smart and easy. Automate shades are simply the next step up from the average shade, giving you complete flexibility and control.

  • Operated by voice or a smart control from anywhere in your home
  • Uses battery powered, re-chargeable smart shade motors
  • Safe, motorised shade with no need for a potentially dangerous hanging chain
  • Reduce energy usage and increase home comfort
  • Integrates easily with your current smart home devices like Siri, Alexa, Google, smart phone, tablet, smart watch or smart speakers
  • Control your shade and home privacy even when out of the house
  • Choose from Automate awnings, outdoor shades, roller shades, roman shades, curtains and venetian blinds

Integrate Your Automate Shades with Any Smart Home System

The beauty of Automate shades is the ability to integrate them with your current smart home systems. This allows you to keep all your technology centrally controlled. Just sit back, relax and control your home seamlessly.

  • Voice assistants. Automate shades are compatible with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • Home automation systems. Easily control your Automate smart shades alongside your lights, security, home entertainment and thermostats.
  • Smart home platforms. Control your Automate shades with your smart devices like a phone, tablet, laptop, watch or smart speakers.

Stylish Shade Options That Actually Look After You

Automate offers a range of shade options for indoors and outdoors which are fully customisable. Get smart shading for your indoor and outdoor spaces to enjoy comfort all year round. Automate outdoor awnings, give you the optimal level of shading without lifting a finger! Your smart motorised awning has a wind and sun sensor. When your pre-set lux level is reached, the awning will provide shade.

Using the Automate app, you can set your indoor shades to adjust according to the seasons. This means you can sit back and enjoy just the right amount of light filtration and shade throughout the year. You don’t even have to lift a finger to power your shades – the solar panel absorbs light to continually keep your shades powered up.


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