Pivot Arm Awnings

"the perfect 2 storey solution"

How do Pivot Arm Awnings Work?
These outside awnings are perfect for hard-to-reach windows. They extend out on arms (as the name suggests) which pivot to the angle of the arm with control options of internal winch, internal coed lock or a mechanised (motorised) winch. Adjusting the amount of shade is easy, just lower the angle of the arm. They allow for a great deal of airflow whilst being hardy enough to endure the elements and are also handy in sudden downpours here in Adelaide.

Benefits of Pivot Arm Awnings

The main advantage is that they are perfect for upper storeys or windows that are hard to reach. For showrooms or storage rooms for business they also allow your companies branding. They work just as well over doors as windows which interior blinds can’t compete with. On ground floor windows they can also work like shade sails providing shade from overhead to an outside area. With 3 control mechanisms they are easy to operate for young and old alike and by choosing the heavy duty Robusta they can extend out up to 6 metres with multiple arms. They achieve a look that can be perfect for home or business with many styling options.
Pivot Arm Awning Features:
  • Flexible for optimum shade and airflow
  • Excellent for hard-to-reach windows
  • Great for businesses
  • Provides large outside shades areas
  • Better ventilation
  • Complete UV protection
  • Lowers the temperature
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Pivot Arm Awning FAQ’s
Are pivot arm awnings windproof?
These types of awnings are designed for outdoor use. They can handle different wind speeds depending on the style and model chosen. We will recommend the perfect choice from an in home consultation or from our Marion Homemaker Centre showroom in Adelaide.
Are pivot arm awnings only for businesses?
Not at all. They are perfect in homes, modern or traditional but certainly these types of awnings have their history from cafes and shops. Styles and designs have increased over time and now they can look exceptionally modern or very traditional giving your more choice.
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